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What is a Lunch and Learn?

Are you looking for ways to unlock your potential, discover new opportunities, and earn money from home? I invite you to join our Monthly Lunch & Learn series designed especially for stay-at-home moms like you!

When: Second Thursday of Every Month!

Time: 11:00 a.m Central Time

Location: Virtual (Zoom link provided upon registration)

Why Attend Our Lunch & Learn?

 Skill Discovery: Uncover the valuable skills you already have and learn how to translate them into profitable opportunities.

Expert Insights: Gain practical advice and tips for balancing work and family life.

Faith-Based Support: Connect with a community of like-minded Christian moms who share your values and aspirations.

Networking Opportunities: Build relationships with other stay-at-home moms and expand your support network.

What You Can Expect:

Inspiring Sessions: Each month, we cover different topics tailored to help you succeed in your work-from-home journey.

Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions, ask questions, and participate in activities that will boost your confidence and skills.

Actionable Takeaways: Walk away with practical strategies and resources you can start using immediately to enhance your work-from-home experience.

Register Now and take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling work-from-home journey. We can't wait to see you there!

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Hungry to feed your mind with how to Earn Money from Home? 

Empowering Christian moms to find meaningful work at home.

As your dedicated career coach, I'll lead you on a path to discover a fulfilling career at home or close to home, prioritizing family and faith. Explore your ideal work-from-home journey with personalized guidance from a certified coach.

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What is your work from home personality? 

Are you a stay-at-home mom ready to explore exciting work-from-home opportunities tailored just for you?

Unlock the secrets of your unique work-from-home personality by taking our interactive quiz!

Your journey to a fulfilling work-from-home experience starts here.

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Personalized | Bible Based | Step by Step

Unlock the door to a purposeful and flexible career from home with my Breakthrough Life Coaching! 

Personalized, Bible-Based, and a Step by Step roadmap.

You need a guide if you're a Christian mom feeling stuck, yearning for a work-from-home solution that aligns with your faith, as a seasoned coach with a personalized career roadmap to help you find the work-from-home job that best fits your lifestyle. 

I empower moms like you to discover fulfilling opportunities while honoring family values.

Discover your step by step plan for your career journey, break free from stagnation, and embrace a transformative path to success.

Secure your spot for personalized coaching with me today. It's time to redefine your career and reclaim balance in your life!Ready to redefine your work-from-home journey?

Book a discovery call with me today, and let's navigate this empowering step-by-step plan together. Your ideal work-from-home career awaits! 

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Inspiration | Instruction | Interviews


A source of inspiration for moms seeking meaningful work from home. With a blend of faith-centered guidance and practical tips, each episode offers encouragement tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of work-at-home moms. Tune in for a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.


Imparts valuable instructions to navigate the dynamic landscape of remote work. From insightful strategies to actionable steps, each episode equips listeners with the tools they need to identify and pursue fulfilling work-from-home avenues. Tune in for expert advice that transforms aspirations into tangible opportunities.


Listen to my latest podcasts where I interview moms who used my coaching and are making money from home. Grab the best take-aways and apply it to your own career journey.

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Hi, I'm Amy Arthur

I'm on a mission to empower Christian moms like you to discover fulfilling work-from-home opportunities.

My journey into coaching stems from my own experience as a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years. Nestled on a small farm in rural Wisconsin, my transition from a career woman to motherhood was both challenging and rewarding, having five children in six years. This journey inspired my commitment to guiding women in finding their ideal at-home careers while prioritizing faith and family.

As a certified Christian Life Coach, I specialize in empowering women through a transformative roadmap: Find, Follow, Foster, and Focus. Hosting the Christian Work from Home Mom Podcast allows me to share insights, practical tips, and inspirational stories with a broader audience.

Whether through personalized coaching, podcast episodes, or engaging with the community on our Facebook group, I am dedicated to being a beacon of support for Christian moms navigating the intricate intersection of work, faith, and family. My coaching is built on loyalty, hard work, and resourcefulness, aiming not just to coach but to be a trusted guide on your empowering journey of work-at-home motherhood.

Connect with me and embark on your transformative journey by joining the Christian Work from Home Mom community. Let's discover the possibilities, embrace your passions, and thrive in both your career and family life together.

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