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Congratulations on discovering your unique work-from-home personality - the Remote Rebecca! Your results indicate a natural talent for thriving in structured environments, excelling with clear tasks, and a preference for the stability of remote work with established companies. Now, imagine elevating your career, aligning it perfectly with your values and family life.

But where do you go from here? 

You need a roadmap! 

When you book a no-obligation call with me, we can develop a personalized roadmap to find the right remote job for you! 

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  • Learn how to Find your strengths and passions

  • Next, you will follow the straight and narrow path and not take any unnecessary detours. 

  • Next, we will foster financial freedom through step by step strategies to unlock your earning potential. 

  • Finally, we will evaluate our journey to ensure we are focusing on what is most important in your life. 

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What to expect?

  • Tailored Guidance: In our one-on-one Discovery Call, we'll delve deeper into your quiz results, uncovering the nuances of your Remote Maven personality. 

  • I'll provide personalized insights to help you understand your strengths and how to leverage them in the remote work landscape.

  • Strategize where to focus your time and energy when it comes to searching for a job.

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What's in it for You?

Imagine a career that not only meets your professional aspirations, but also aligns with your values and family priorities.

Let's craft a roadmap to achieve just that!

Benefit from my expertise in coaching moms like you to successfully navigate the remote work landscape.

Together, we'll explore exciting opportunities with established companies that value your skill set. Imagine a work-from-home career that not only supports your family but also fulfills your professional ambitions.

How to Book Your Discovery Call:

Simply click on the link below to schedule your exclusive Discovery Call. Let's take the first step toward transforming your work-from-home experience into a fulfilling and balanced journey.

Certified Coach

Working with a certified coach is beneficial because I bring specialized expertise, personalized guidance, and a proven framework to empower you on your unique journey of personal and professional growth.


Experience the transformative power of personalized coaching as I tailor strategies to your individual strengths and aspirations, guiding you towards sustained growth and fulfillment.

Bible Based

Bible-based coaching provides a unique and spiritually enriching approach, offering you profound insights and unwavering support as you navigate career choices with faith-centered wisdom.

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